As someone who’s had to make incredibly difficult decisions throughout multiple career paths as to allow myself to sleep at night, I know how it feels to turn down money because something feels off.

Watching Substack’s lackluster response to platforming hate writers has been a wait-and-see affair for myself and plenty of others. What Substack offers is, frankly, better than their competition. That being said, I can’t pretend to be okay with wanting to use a “better platform” when I don’t feel like said platform is a good fit for me.

I won’t be missing out on anything. It’s cool to meet different writers, and for most of us, that’s what this place is. It’s a place to meet and engage with other writers, which isn’t that different from so many other social media sites, forums, discords, slacks and the like.

If I turned down a billionaire’s request to move my wedding to cover his event, while he’d cover costs and throw said wedding himself, AND if I turned down another billionaire’s attempt to buy out my former business covertly so I would act as an independent mouthpiece for good money, why would I stop being so stubborn now?

Since you signed up and all, I’ll probably be emailing you again. Probably just not from this platform. For now, this is where I’ll be pointing people.

Be good to each other.

I have a blog at and a Patreon where all the content that’d normally go here will go instead for the time being. Maybe things will change.

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